Our Curriculum

The Little House Learning Center has highly qualified staff educated in child development and psychology.

These qualifications allow our team to offer a unique program oriented toward our children’s emotional, cognitive, physical, and social development. Our Creative Curriculum covers all areas of your child’s development and learning, from social and cognitive skills to literacy, math, and science understanding using the whole child approach. 


What is the whole child approach? It is child, friendly, nurturing, and teaching support. It encourages the child’s learning and thinking by responding to children’s understanding, interest, and ability. 


This allows them to deepen their natural curiosity and their eagerness to discover and learn more.


we meet kids where they are.

Our Curriculum

Spanish Immersion Program


The Little House Learning Center offers a Spanish immersion Summer Camp. 


Our camp program includes a wide variety of language and culture-based activities, such as Spanish language arts, hands-on math, science experiments, physical activities, musical games, and arts and crafts. A team of experienced teachers guides campers. 


The Little House’s Spanish Immersion Summer Camp is a fun and natural way to learn the Spanish language and culture, improve academic performance, explore creative pursuits, and make excellent friends.