About Us

We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Assiting the children on their development journey through exploration and play by providing both child directed and teacher observed activities. Offering a variety of enrichment programs including: Spanish lesson, Physical Fitness Programs, Music and Arts.

Continually assessing our program and making improvements based on the results. Creating stronger relationships in our community.

​Why The Little House?

At The Little House Learning Center teachers and staff are highly trained. The childcare and education provided at our center is based on excellent quality care for children, focused on the individual needs of each child. At The Little House, we encourage children to explore their curiosity while in a safe and fun environment.

The focus of our program is to accompany and understand the emotional, cognitive, physical and social developmental stages of each child. Understanding each stage allow us to appropriately stimulate and ensure healthy development, both individually and as a group.

Our Mission​​​

We are an Early Childhood Education Center committed to providing care and curricular support to our children. We aim to cover all the necessary areas of learning for your child’s development. 

We believe in the importance of offering a safe environment where your child will be able to learn essential values and life skills such as love, willpower, and freedom; all while having fun. Our main goal is to contribute to the future of your children by making them respectful, honest and successful members of society.

Our Vision

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